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Simple Steps to Diversity Awareness

8 weeks (16 hours) to learn all the elements you need for exemplary diversity practice and to confidently promote Diversity.

Grow your diversity knowledge and understanding in small and easy steps

This 8-week (16 hour) course will transform you from an unconfident diversity practitioner into an inspirational diversity champion!

  Learn all about the important aspects of diversity awareness and relate them effectively to your own setting whilst developing the reflective skills you need to keep your approach fresh and resonant.

Our course modules follow a 'read-reflect-relate-rehearse' pattern of study.

 Over the 10 weeks, you will: - 

* Design a meticulous, step-by-step Diversity Policy specifically suited to your own particular environment that you will be able to share with your colleagues and peers

* Build and rehearse strategies to deal with those occasional, challenging diversity situations we all find ourselves in

Implement all your learning in practical ways so that you develop a much deeper understanding of yourself, your peers, and the children in your care

And the end result?

You will become an inspirational practitioner and a positive diversity influence in every aspect of your life!

Course Curriculum

Dr Clare Seymour

Clare has spent much of her professional career (over 30 years) in international settings. Part of her Doctoral research involved exploring the often hidden aspects of institutional racism. As a result she has a longstanding interest in, and passion for, promoting positive diversity awareness in others.

In addition to school music-teaching, Clare also has over 10 years' experience working as an international music examiner - an understanding and respect for diversity is so crucially important in every aspect of her practice.

In her work as a music-education consultant for the BBC she has completed several song-writing commissions for the 3-7-age-group and loves the way she can weave pedagogical integrity and diversity awareness together through enjoyable and engaging songs. 

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